Advantageous Advertisements

What… if…. TV commercials were replaced with positive messages? Instead of wealthy companies penetrating our minds with very carefully designed advertisements intended to make us want more things and to buy their things, we could be exposed to messages that tell us to stop buying things, that make us aware that we don’t need more stuff, to value our current possessions and, if necessary and possible, to buy used things. Instead of being confronted with sales pitches for fast food and highly processed foods which Continue reading →

Why Vegan?

Why do I keep hearing about veganism? So you may be wondering what this vegan thing is all about? How come you’ve suddenly been hearing all about it lately? We certainly wondered why we have seen and heard so much about veganism recently. Whether it’s from people on the street trying to open your mind to new and alternative forms of milk that are now available, or handing you leaflets with reasons to be vegan. You may have come across it in the news, be Continue reading →

Ubuntu on the Acer Aspire One AOA150

After receiving the Acer Aspire One with ‘Linpus Lite’ installed by default, I decided I wanted to do more with it than just surf the web so installed Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal). Most things worked straight out of the box but there are a few ‘tweaks’ needed for it to perform to its full potential. 1. Hard Drive clicking noise Unfortunately when the netbook is running on battery power the hard drive makes a constant clicking noise when idle. This is actually the hard drive heads Continue reading →

VMDG280 Wireless Router issues (Solved)

Anyone here on Virgin Media? Anyone here on the verge of melting the ‘all in one’ virgin media router in the oven and posting it back to Mr Branson? Well you’re not alone……. The wired connection is absolutely fine. Ran speedtest and getting at least 10Mbps with no dropouts whatsoever. It is just the wireless which seems to be all over the place. This has nothing to do with the positioning of the router!! Having phoned Virgin Media, whilst waiting for best part of an Continue reading →