Why Vegan?

Why do I keep hearing about veganism?

So you may be wondering what this vegan thing is all about? How come you’ve suddenly been hearing all about it lately?

We certainly wondered why we have seen and heard so much about veganism recently. Whether it’s from people on the street trying to open your mind to new and alternative forms of milk that are now available, or handing you leaflets with reasons to be vegan. You may have come across it in the news, be it some activist who eats 30 bananas a day. Or perhaps it was someone wearing a t-shirt with some vegan slogan emblazoned across the front of it? Was it from an aspiring athlete at local sportif event? Could it have been in a newspaper relating to some new health claim or a report on the sky-rocketing recent interest in this subject?

There have been many documentaries and docu-films recently published on the subject of food, food shortage, how food production relates to the environment, obesity and food, and of course, animal cruelty. There are ever increasingly more options and alternatives available in supermarkets trying to tempt you away from traditional ways of eating. All of these things have started to create a movement of change towards the uptake of the vegan lifestyle.

It can’t be a real diet though, right?

It doesn’t really matter where it was that you saw or heard about it. You heard about it because it has recently changed from being stigmatised as the pale, weak, ill kid with tie-dyed clothes chewing lettuce to something that is powering ultra-endurance athletes, the conscious populace, the YouTube personalities, the smartest and some of the strongest people on the planet!

But is it healthy?

You may have heard about a book called “How Not To Die” – by Dr. Michael Gregor. If you haven’t I suggest you take a look at it. This is a number 1 bestseller for very good reason.

Plant Power!

So not only is a vegan, or rather, a “plant based” diet the most healthy diet there is, it’s also the best for the environment. So, not only would we be saving the lives of an uncountable number of animals, we would be bettering our own health, and helping to protect the environment for future generations. A plant based whole foods diet is the only diet that has been found to reverse heart disease, which considering is the biggest killer in the USA and UK, is quite a powerful thing. Also consider that the western diet is no longer confined to the west and is invading every nation on the planet at a considerable pace like plagues of locusts devouring vegetation! This disease will most likely become the leading cause of death world wide.

The cruel practices involved in and associated with the production of animals for food would be eliminated, there would be more land available for growing food for humans to eat as oppose to farmed animals, without the need for destroying forests, natural habitats and the environment. Unbelievably, we could feed the entire world quite easily if we all switched to a vegan diet.

Too good to be true…

Okay, this is starting to sound pretty good… So what are the downsides? There has to be a downside to all this, right?

Well, we have been trying to find out what these downsides could possibly be. So far we have come up with:

  1. Plants feel pain too, save the plants, eat animals
  2. If we were all vegan, there would be no cows and pigs and chickens
  3. There cannot be enough room to grow all the plants that we would all need to survive
  4. The meat and dairy industry would be doomed, whatever would they do?
  5. “But I am a man, I need meat, protein, blood and gore”

Yes I know, they’re pretty far fetched, it was a stretch to even come up with 5 things! Plants don’t really feel pain, not in any way close to that of an animal feels. There is no reason why cows and pigs and chickens would become extinct, there would just be less of them, which would help dramatically with keeping greenhouse gases in check! A huge amount of what we grow is currently being fed to animals, as such, there would be more room to grow plants than ever before. The meat and dairy industry would have to change, but it isn’t like these massive companies would just roll over and disappear. They could create vegan versions of all the products they currently make, grow plants and produce plant based milks. As for point 5, well, there will always be foolish people that care more about being uneducated and foolish than they do healthy. As for protein, the amount we think we need has been grossly exaggerated.

“Our greatest wealth is our health” – Virgil

So if our greatest wealth is our health, then that must surely extend to the health of our environment around us and to those that share the planet with us. Shouldn’t we be cultivating health and seeing it as our greatest asset?

“Prevention is better than cure” – Desiderius Erasmus

With ever spiralling costs of health care, and ever increasing problems with medications, concoctions and combinations of medications, used like plasters to repair the damage that has been caused by unhealthy lifestyles. It seems apparent and obvious that there is a lot more that each of us can do to help in order to stay health and decrease the burden on state funded healthcare and our own healthcare costs.


Making changes that can help you and your loved ones to live a more fulfilled, happier, healthier and better life does sound pretty boring. Famously, Russell Brand said about veganism “it’s like being in a food prison”. Considering he is a vegetarian, it is hard to imagine how he can think this, unless he is living on fast food and blocks of cheese? There is a wealth of food choices available. Macka B even wrote a song about it: