Advantageous Advertisements

What… if…. TV commercials were replaced with positive messages?

Instead of wealthy companies penetrating our minds with very carefully designed advertisements intended to make us want more things and to buy their things, we could be exposed to messages that tell us to stop buying things, that make us aware that we don’t need more stuff, to value our current possessions and, if necessary and possible, to buy used things.

Instead of being confronted with sales pitches for fast food and highly processed foods which claim to be healthy, we could be gently encouraged to eat wholesome food, to cook at home, to use up leftovers and not be wasteful. We could be educated about simple nutrition and health and be warned off buying everyday items in plastic wrappers that will remain on this planet forever.

Is it possible that the people running this country could ever care about us all enough to communicate these non-profitable messages to us? I’d love to see an advert for fresh air, going outside and appreciation of the everyday world. We’d benefit from being shaken out of our materialistic, self-entitled slumber.

It’s important that we know what impact our actions have on our planet, our society and our own health to make good decisions, right? Everybody is contributing to the world. Everyone’s actions count.

This will never happen though, because money. Obvs.

Oh, and while you’re here, buy this because it’s good:

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