VMDG280 Wireless Router issues (Solved)

Anyone here on Virgin Media? Anyone here on the verge of melting the ‘all in one’ virgin media router in the oven and posting it back to Mr Branson? Well you’re not alone…….

The wired connection is absolutely fine. Ran speedtest and getting at least 10Mbps with no dropouts whatsoever. It is just the wireless which seems to be all over the place. This has nothing to do with the positioning of the router!!

Having phoned Virgin Media, whilst waiting for best part of an hour, I didn’t get anywhere with their ‘Technical Support’. The technician would not even give me the settings he was about to amend himself without remoting into my PC first.

Also they no longer give out the ‘standalone’ modems – therefore you are unable to purchase your own router thus solving the problem.

So after many hours of frantically trawling through forums and good old fashion trial and error I have managed to tweak a couple of the settings of this router so that the wireless speed stays at a consistent rate.

First of all I done a hard reset of the router. I held the reset button down for 30 seconds and released. According to a Virgin Media technician this will update the firmware when you turn it back on. I could see the activity light flashing so I presume something was updated.

Then I changed the wireless speed from 300mbps down to 54mbps (I know it seems like a drop but unless you are transferring large files across your network then this is more than enough for most internet connections). This can be found under the wireless settings section.

Then I (after trying all the different types of security) would choose WPA-TKIP. For some reason I had problems with WEP (dropping out) and WPA2 gave me the following error message in XP;

“Windows could not find a certificate to log you onto the network”

(Although you may not get this error message I am just talking you through the problems I had as they maybe similar to your situation).

Next I turned the firewall off. I know this may seem like a major security threat but for most home user’s, providing you have a software firewall’ this is not an issue. You can turn this off under ‘Services’ and then by unticking the firewall option.

Now last but not least I have tried every channel under the sun and the only one which seems to work is channel 11 (despite trying channels which are not being used in my area. I used inSSIDer to check for this)

Last but not least, and I cannot remember where I read this, but changing the SSID of the network seems to eliminate a lot of problems also (it is by default virginmedia followed by a series of random numbers).

After changing all of this I would then power down the router for a couple of minutes and power back up again. Now since I have had this router (about 5 months now) the wireless has dropped out everyday. Since changing these settings I have now had it up and running in a stable condition for 2 weeks now.

I hope this will end a lot of frustration for you guys out there.